At the very end of the sea gap

About Finnøy Bryggehotell

50 rooms

Finnøy Bryggehotell is located in the historic premises that were once an old fish landing and trading post on Finnøy. Today, the hotel has 50 hotel rooms, Restaurant Sjøhuset, an “akevitt shop” and a bath and wellness center “Håp i Havet”. The actual journey out to this old fishing village is an experience in itself.

From Ålesund you drive the new Nordøyvegen where you can now drive from Skjelten via three underwater tunnels and three bridges to Finnøy. But if you come from the Aukra/Molde side, the last ferry ride out to the hotel takes around an hour and is an exotic experience in all kinds of weather.

Finnøy Bryggehotell

“Butikken” – The old shop

A total of 60-70 seats distributed in different rooms.

Visit our store and indulge in the authentic atmosphere that transports you back in time. Whether it’s for relaxation, enjoying a cup of coffee, attending aquavit lectures, or experiencing the Christmas market, you will find joy and coziness in this charming establishment.

The original store from 1891 has been renovated and now serves as a space for relaxation and comfort. Here, you will find a lounge, café, bar, Christmas market, and aquavit lectures. The building exudes charm with its original timber walls, uneven floors, low windows, and small rooms, just as it was in days gone by.

We organize several events throughout the year, which are advertised in local media.

Restaurant “Sjøhuset”

Our cuisine is almost exclusively based on local ingredients from sea and land. The main focus is on the food dish we find in the sea right outside the door. We have close collaborations with local farmers, fishermen and food producers. Together we create a small piece of food magic

“Håp i havet”

Open every day for members and hotel guests!

In Håp i Havet you can experience the swimming facility with Norway’s best view. Here you can enjoy the warmth of the wellness pool and the sunset at the same time. In addition to a 12.5 meter swimming pool, there is a massage station and a children’s pool with a bubble bench and flow channel. There is a well-equipped exercise room, sauna, steam bath and solarium attached to the bathing facility.

A family in the children's pool - Håp i Havet bath and well-being - Photo Kristine Angvik

Meeting rooms with “character”

3 spacious and excellent conference rooms

We have extensive experience in event planning. We tailor the event to your specific needs, especially when it comes to courses and meetings. Transportation, entertainment, speakers, and other services are provided through quality-assured partners.

History – Fishing and Trade for Over 130 Years

The island of Finnøy on the Romsdal Coast was originally grazing land for the farmers on Sandøya. The establishment that is now Finnøy Bryggehotell was originally founded with a store, ship trading, and fish reception on a small islet (Holmen) near Finnøya. In the premises that now house restaurants and meeting rooms, clipfish and salted herring were produced.

On Finnøya, Nils Finnøy established himself as the first permanent resident. Nils Finnøy set up a mechanical workshop on Finnøya, and he built the first Norwegian-built boat engine – the Finnøymotoren – in 1902. This marked the beginning of a new era with motorized fishing boats and the introduction of modern fishing activities.




50 rooms
Meeting/party room
Bath and wellness
Outdoor seating
Free Wifi
Free parking


Double room, single room, superior, family room
Bathroom with shower and toilet
Tea and/or coffee maker
Hair dryer

Near by

“Håp i havet” 73 m
Ferry dock 150 m
Molde city center 45.5 km
Airport 50.5 km