An old fish receiving station

Finnøy Bryggehotell is an approved fish reception, and it has been for over 100 years. We have a close partnership with the fishermen and buy fresh halibut, haddock, cod, crayfish, and lobster during the season. Nearby is Myklebust Hvalprodukter, which supplies whale meat to our hotel.

Sausage varieties, “pinnekjøtt,” and Kjellaug’s fish cakes

Every year, we produce three-quarters of a ton of our own sausage varieties according to our own recipe, such as aquavit sausage and whale sausage. We also produce the latter for sale through Myklebust Hvalprodukter. Leading up to Christmas, we also produce pork “mør” (cured meat) and lamb “mør” according to old local recipes. Our lamb “mør” is made from wild sheep from Harnesmyr Gård on Harøy. These sheep graze freely year-round on Sæterøya, which you can see from the restaurant at Finnøy Bryggehotell. We receive around 12 whole animals each year, which we butcher and further process. In addition to sausages, we make “pinnekjøtt” (cured lamb ribs), “fenalår” (cured leg of lamb), and lamb roll from the animals. In the spring, we produce homemade fish cakes and burgers from fresh fish delivered to the pier. For both sausage production and fish products, we rely on the unique knowledge of Kjellaug Breivik. Kjellaug is a retired postman with a great passion and knowledge of traditional cooking, local expertise, and an infectious spirit!

Norske Akevitters Venner (NAV)

In April 2016, Finnøy Bryggehotell was certified by Norske Akevitters Venner (NAV) as a venue for Norwegian aquavit. We have Norway’s largest collection of non-private Norwegian aquavit. Promoting a healthy drinking culture and knowledge about this fine drink is something we prioritize. Here, we convey history and knowledge about both aquavit itself and the drink in combination with food. Did you know, for example, that Gammel Opland is excellent in rice pudding?

Breakfast, conferences, and “nonsmat”

In the past year, we have had a strong focus on our breakfast and conference menu. For breakfast, we have removed pre-packaged cold cuts and instead focus on homemade toppings such as herring, homemade jams, and liver pâté. We have also replaced individually packaged butter with frozen butter portions, believing that this will provide a better impression of breakfast quality. For conferences, we have introduced traditional “nonsmat” from Sunnmøre, featuring homemade bread, jams, and brown cheese instead of cakes and fancy rolls. We also offer an alternative for break time with smoothies made from juice and yogurt, combined with homemade muesli and yogurt.

We are proud of our apprentice chef and skilled chefs and waitstaff at Finnøy Bryggehotell, who consistently work to convey Norwegian food and drink traditions to both guests and staff.